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The cash free waste service delivery concept; making the journey from cash to electronic payments in the Waste Management Industry

“Bringing convenience to the doorsteps of Ghanaians”

The Electronic Payment Tool

The world is rapidly transitioning from cash to electronic payment and this comes with multiple benefits that will impact the waste management industry in Ghana by improving cash flow which if managed properly will improve the state of sanitation. The electronic payment aspect opens the conversation of financial inclusion through businesses in the waste management sector in Ghana.

This feature of the 1 Million Waste-bins Project comes as a benefit to both households and the waste management contractors. For the waste management contractors, there is improved security of their revenue as clients pay directly for services rendered to them through an electronic means and not through the traditional means of third party revenue collectors. This promotes transparency, reduction of leakages in untraced revenue and improved cost and efficiencies. By this innovation, households also have the opportunity to initiate and complete payment for waste management services on time to ensure continuity of waste management service delivery.

A key success indicator of the 1MB Project is the 90% phase out of manual collections of cash by revenue collection agents. The project has partnered Ecobank, the leading IT innovations bank in Ghana to drive the e-payment agenda of the 1MB Project.  Ecobank over the last 5 years have proven to be excellent in marketing and publicising electronic payment options to both Ecobank clients and the entire population and the project is riding on their success to broaden the coverage of proper waste management practices at household levels.

List of e-payment platforms

  • Mobile cash payments by dialling *857# (available on all networks)
  • Ecobank QR Code
  • All Ecobank branches nationwide
  • Ecobank mobile App


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