• A Happy Ghana is a clean Ghana

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    Drastic reduction in littering and indiscriminate disposal of solid waste

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    Regular and efficient (professional) waste collection and management; improved service quality

  • It is a nationwide project.

    The successful implementation of this project will serve as a platform for source separation to achieve the 4R (Recovery, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

Supported by intense public education and enforcement of sanitation by-laws to minimize littering
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About Us

The 1 Million Bin Project

It is a social intervention project developed to help improve the lives of people by correcting poor sanitation practices and develop solid waste collection service delivery in Ghana by providing 1 million waste-bins in 240L, 120L and 60L sizes to households in Ghana.

Who we are

Our Mission and Vision

  • 01

    Our mission is to provide proper storage and collection of solid waste at household level across Ghana.

  • 02

    The purpose of the project is to improve the solid waste management situation in Ghana by addressing the main issue of the lack of appropriate storage containers at household level.

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